Biblical Archeology

Biblical Villain’s Fortress Discovered in Israel’s North! Israeli archaeologists believe that a structure discovered in northern Israel belonged to Sisera, an enemy commander who was slain by the Jewish heroine Yael. Excavations near the Israeli town of Katzir appear to have revealed a fortress belonging to a Biblical villain named Sisera. While the structure wasContinue reading “Biblical Archeology”

Terrorist Eliminated

“Watch: Drone footage of military raid that killed Baghdadi (who was almost a hero to the left for some reason)” News correspondent explains footage… 🤔 The Pentagon released newly declassified video and images Wednesday of the daring, two hour raid targeting ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi that shows US forces taking small arms fire fromContinue reading “Terrorist Eliminated”

Bible Prophecy

Why Study Bible Prophecy?! by George Hale 📖 Bible scholars say more than one third of the Bible is Prophecy! That alone is more than enough reason to study Bible Prophecy! The first Prophecy in the Bible pointing toward Jesus is found in Genesis 3:15, at the fall of mankind. God said to the serpent,Continue reading “Bible Prophecy”

Bible Prophecy

Bible Prophecy Update – October 13th, 2019 In this especially interesting Bible Prophecy Update Pastor J.D. addresses the prophetic significance of Turkey’s invasion of Syria subsequent to President Trump’s controversial decision to withdraw US Troops. John 14:29 “And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass,Continue reading “Bible Prophecy”

The Time of Jacob’s Trouble

Pastor Barry Stagner’s message on the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord; The Tribulation↓You can watch this video on this site. You can hear more from Pastor Barry Stagner and Pastor Mike Macintosh on World News Briefing. You can also watch Don Stewart with Breaking News from a ChristianContinue reading “The Time of Jacob’s Trouble”

Bible Prophecy Update October 6, 2019

In this Bible Prophecy Update from October 6, 2019. Pastor J.D. talks about what appears to be a global state of emergency, particularly in Israel. You can watch this update on this site. You can also connect with Pastor J.D. Farag of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe Hawaii on Social Media to stay updated on his latestContinue reading “Bible Prophecy Update October 6, 2019”

The Death of Liberty

It’s gettin crazy folks! 🤠 Watch this one , but keep lookin up. There are, no doubt, plans in the works “but God” has His own plan. Regardless of what direction the political wind may shift, you can trust in the Lord with all of your heart! Maranatha! “I Know What’s About To Happen andContinue reading “The Death of Liberty”

His Channel

WORLD NEWS BRIEFING: Thursday Sept. 26, 2019 Barry Stagner ««««««« and »»»»»»» Mike Macintosh Breaking News « 🕇 🕆 🕇 » from a Christian Perspective ↓video↓ HisChannel – WORLD NEWS BRIEFING – Barry Stagner – Mike Macintosh – Christian Video on Demand HisChannel – WORLD NEWS BRIEFING – Barry Stagner – Mike Macintosh – ChristianContinue reading “His Channel”

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