State Funded Education

“You must get a good education” they said! But what they actually gave us was a good Orwellian Indoctrination and Programming! Fortunately, many of us are awake in spite of their efforts to “change the way we think”… What should we do? 🤔 Anyone who has experienced College, knows the extent to which they’ve triedContinue reading “State Funded Education”

Coup in Progress

Soviet Style closed-door impeachment with guards bars Republicans GOP lawmakers try to barge into Soviet Style closed-door impeachment interview, with guards… Schiff & Pelosi thinks we are a dictatorship 🤔 GOP lawmakers try to barge into Soviet Style closed-door impeachment interview, with guards… Schiff & Pelosi thinks we are a dictatorship – Whatfinger News –Continue reading “Coup in Progress”


Thousands of Witches Plot a ‘Binding Spell’ Against President Trump for Friday 🤔 As if battling House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry against him wasn’t enough, President Donald Trump will next have to face a “binding spell” cast by “thousands” of witches late Friday night.  As Halloween approaches at the end of the month, several media outletsContinue reading “Witchcraft”

Ezekiel 38-39

From Joel C. Rosenberg’s Blog 🤔 “Going from bad to worse: Russia creates alliance with Iran & Turkey. Turkey invades Syria. Trump abandons the Kurds. Evangelical leaders speak out. It’s a mess. Here’s the latest.” (Denver, Colorado) — “The Turkish offensive into northern Syria is a dangerous military development. The emerging Russian-Iranian-Turkish alliance is a dangerousContinue reading “Ezekiel 38-39”

Bible Prophecy

Why Study Bible Prophecy?! by George Hale 📖 Bible scholars say more than one third of the Bible is Prophecy! That alone is more than enough reason to study Bible Prophecy! The first Prophecy in the Bible pointing toward Jesus is found in Genesis 3:15, at the fall of mankind. God said to the serpent,Continue reading “Bible Prophecy”


ATHEIST AD DURING DEMOCRATS’ DEBATE MOCKS ‘BURNING IN HELL’ ANALYSIS/OPINION: In between the first and second hour of the Democratic Party’s presidential debate in Ohio was a brief commercial from the Freedom From Religion Foundation calling for watchers to remember that secularism was a founding father plan for America’s government from the get-go and thatContinue reading “Apostasy”

Ya Think?!!!

FRANKLIN GRAHAM: ‘THE LEFT, THE SOCIALISTS HAVE MADE IT VERY CLEAR THAT THEY STAND AGAINST THE CHURCH’ 🤔< If I may interject before we share this story, I don’t believe Churches should take tax exempt status to begin with. “And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and toContinue reading “Ya Think?!!!”

Maranatha! What Time Is It?

Look up, your redemption draweth nigh!!! 🤔 The programming was very successful! I read an article earlier today that was lamenting the statistics more than a third (38 percent) of all Americans believe in the strict creationist view that God created humans in our present form within the past 10,000 years. It went on toContinue reading “Maranatha! What Time Is It?”