Celine Dion Starts Weird Demonic Gender Neutral Clothing Line For Kids Shirts with “New Order,” say what you will, but, this depicts the “New World Order”. Some claim this is not demonic, it’s Goth. Outfits with Skulls, outfits with The All-Seeing Eye, outfits with demonic designs and Horned Hoodies for kids.  And what is GothContinue reading “Bizarre”

State Funded Education

“You must get a good education” they said! But what they actually gave us was a good Orwellian Indoctrination and Programming! Fortunately, many of us are awake in spite of their efforts to “change the way we think”… What should we do? 🤔 Anyone who has experienced College, knows the extent to which they’ve triedContinue reading “State Funded Education”


UN FLIES ‘FIRST’ EU-FUNDED PLANELOADS OF SOMALIS, SYRIANS TO GERMANY, ROMANIA 🤔 The UN Migration Agency/International Organization for Migration (IOM) has hailed the arrival of its “first” planeload of 154 Somali migrants to Germany, along with dozens of Syrians transported to Romania using European Union funds. The IOM, which promotes mass migration as “inevitable, desirable,Continue reading “Globalism”

Female Genital Mutilation

“Thousands of Girls Subjected to Female Genital Mutilation in Ireland, Experts Warn” 🤔< I cannot find the words ‘Islam’ or ‘Muslim’ anywhere in this article. Yet that is the culture where this custom is practiced. The writer is no doubt afraid to say it! We’re no longer talking about an issue that is confined toContinue reading “Female Genital Mutilation”

Bible Prophecy

Why Study Bible Prophecy?! by George Hale 📖 Bible scholars say more than one third of the Bible is Prophecy! That alone is more than enough reason to study Bible Prophecy! The first Prophecy in the Bible pointing toward Jesus is found in Genesis 3:15, at the fall of mankind. God said to the serpent,Continue reading “Bible Prophecy”

Global Censorship

COURT RULES EU GOVERNMENTS CAN TAKE DOWN CONTENT WORLDWIDE AFTER POLITICIAN INSULTED 🤠< The Pot calling the Kettle ‘Black’? I dunno… The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled that EU governments can order Facebook to take down content worldwide after an Austrian politician was insulted online. Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek, a leading figure inContinue reading “Global Censorship”

The Pope and the Climate

POPE FRANCIS JOINS INDIGENOUS LEADERS IN PRAYERS FOR THE EARTH 🤠 ROME — Indigenous leaders of the Amazon offered up prayers for the Earth in the Vatican gardens on Friday with Pope Francis, who consecrated the upcoming Pan-Amazon Synod to St. Francis of Assisi. During the prayer ceremony, Pope Francis planted a tree from AssisiContinue reading “The Pope and the Climate”

Saint Greta

CHURCH NAMES GREAT THUNBERG AS SUCCESSOR TO CHRIST 🤔 Church of Sweden: Greta Thunberg Is ‘Successor’ To Jesus Christ ↓Read More↓ The Church of Sweden declared teen star climate activist Greta Thunberg to be an appointed successor to Jesus Christ in a 2018 tweet that resurfaced in the wake of her speech before the UnitedContinue reading “Saint Greta”


COUNTDOWN TO DOOM: 🤠 “Deconstructing climate hysteria”… “ As the world’s youth quake in fear of a collapsing planet, we offer a sane scientific perspective.” ↓Read More↓ “The true and lasting damage the adult climate extremists have wrought is to rob impressionable American youth of the invaluable gifts of childhood, innocence, and hope. Stop forContinue reading ““Countdown””

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