Biblical Archeology

Biblical Villain’s Fortress Discovered in Israel’s North! Israeli archaeologists believe that a structure discovered in northern Israel belonged to Sisera, an enemy commander who was slain by the Jewish heroine Yael. Excavations near the Israeli town of Katzir appear to have revealed a fortress belonging to a Biblical villain named Sisera. While the structure wasContinue reading “Biblical Archeology”


Waves of Earthquakes, Aftershocks Continue to Shake America: Build Up to the Big One or Blessing in Disguise? When folks across the eastern United States hear the term “nor’easter” they typically think of snow. But the recent storm that brushed the region’s coast left some thinking of a different word — sand. The brunt ofContinue reading “Earthquakes”

Biblical Archeology

Fox News: Noah’s Ark ‘buried in Turkish mountains’ as experts say 3D scans will prove Biblical ship’s existence 🤠< Interesting… “The location of the real Noah’s Ark may have been confirmed by relic-hunters in a remote mountain range. Experts claim they’ve snapped underground images of a mysterious ship-shaped object discovered half a century ago inContinue reading “Biblical Archeology”

Netanyahu Indicted

Netanyahu indicted: A-G to charge PM with bribery, fraud, breach of trust 🤔 Opinion: This is all a crock of Bovine Scatology like the Trump Impeachment trial! Mandelblit and his team have been working on drafting the indictments to charge Netanyahu before a third election would begin. Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit announced his final indictment onContinue reading “Netanyahu Indicted”


GLAAD: Chick-Fil-A Cave Not Enough, Must Disavow Itself One of the nation’s largest gay advocacy organizations is greeting Chick-Fil-A’s divestment from Christian charities like the Salvation Army with tepid praise and further demands, including an “unequivocal” denunciation of the brand’s history and values. GLAAD (whose name is an acronym for its former title, “Gay &Continue reading “Chick-Fil-A”


Chick-fil-A to stop donating to Salvation Army as LGBT pressure continues Fast-food favorite Chick-fil-A will no longer donate to The Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, according to a Monday announcement. “We made multi-year commitments to both organizations and we fulfilled those obligations in 2018,” a spokeswoman for Chick-fil-A told the Thomson Reuters Foundation,Continue reading “Chick-fil-A”


Celine Dion Starts Weird Demonic Gender Neutral Clothing Line For Kids Shirts with “New Order,” say what you will, but, this depicts the “New World Order”. Some claim this is not demonic, it’s Goth. Outfits with Skulls, outfits with The All-Seeing Eye, outfits with demonic designs and Horned Hoodies for kids.  And what is GothContinue reading “Bizarre”

Major Shift

US Rejects ‘Illegal’ Status of Judea and Samaria Communities Secretary of State Pompeo announced on Monday that the U.S. no longer deems Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria “illegal.” On Monday, United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo revoked a 1978 State Department opinion called the Hansell Memorandum, which claimed that civilian settlements in JudeaContinue reading “Major Shift”


Fox News: Mysterious ‘humanoid’ figures discovered in Peru Over 140 mysterious new geoglyphs have been discovered in Nazca, Peru, including strange ‘humanoid’ figures. Researchers from Japan’s Yamagata University discovered 142 new glyphs. An additional new geoglyph was discovered using artificial intelligence from IBM Japan running on one of the tech giant’s Power Systems servers.  The technology helpedContinue reading “Science”

Miracle in West Virginia

West Virginia firefighters find untouched Bibles in church fire: ‘Though odds were against us, God was not’ – Published March 4, 2019 A church fire in West Virginia left firefighters stunned when they found Bibles untouched by the flames. Early Sunday morning, the Coal City Fire Department responded to a fire at the Freedom MinistriesContinue reading “Miracle in West Virginia”

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