Russian Nuclear Disaster


The Central Military Naval Testing Area Nyonoksa is seen in a file photo. A deadly explosion in the White Sea there has been linked to Russia’s experimental Skyfall nuclear missile

Mysterious explosion – that killed seven people – involving Russia’s ‘Skyfall’ nuclear cruise missile happened during a salvage mission and NOT a test, US intelligence assessment finds…

•    Report sheds new light on mysterious explosion in Russia on August 8

•    US intelligence reportedly believes the explosion occurred during salvage

•    Russia was trying to recover Skyfall nuclear missile from ocean floor, sources say

•    Nuclear cruise missiles would have unlimited range and evade missile defense

•    Russia has tested Skyfall before, but the US believes it has crashed each time

•    US pursued nuclear ramjet engine in the 60s but project was scrapped

A billboard reads ‘The State Central Navy Testing Range’ near residential buildings in the village of Nyonoksa in this file photo. The village was evacuated after the explosion


Skyfall nuclear cruise missile explosion covered up by Russia – Washington Times


Russia’s Skyfall nuclear cruise missile explosion happened during salvage mission: US intel | Daily Mail Online

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