Bible Prophecy

Why Study Bible Prophecy?! by George Hale

📖 Bible scholars say more than one third of the Bible is Prophecy! That alone is more than enough reason to study Bible Prophecy! The first Prophecy in the Bible pointing toward Jesus is found in Genesis 3:15, at the fall of mankind. God said to the serpent, “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” Women don’t have seeds, they have eggs! This Prophecy points to the Virgin Birth, the way back to God, Jesus Christ! From the Beginning of the book of Genesis to the end of the book of Revelation are volumes of information, most of which is about, and/or leading up to the first and the second coming of Jesus Christ! It would be an amazing ability to know and understand every prophetic utterance in the Bible, but try as I might, I find that there’s always something new to learn! Jesus said, “And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe” If you desire a closer walk with Jesus, you’ll find it in Bible Prophecy! Bible Prophecy will open your eyes to how real the Bible is!

Watchman warn the people!!!

Most people think Bible Prophecy is just too complicated to study, especially the book of Revelation! Most Preachers today either won’t or can’t even preach on it! Some Preachers try to soft soap Prophecy, perhaps it takes too much work in their minds to learn and explain it, so they pass it off as not being that important. They don’t know what they’re missing! They don’t know what wonders they’re cheating their congregation out of! Learning about Bible Prophecy may be difficult for some people. If you have accepted Christ, “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved” (Romans 10:9) and you’re able to comprehend Bible Prophecy, it’s your calling to help others understand! It’s your calling to sound the warning! You are as a Watchman! “So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth and warn them from me” (Ezekiel 33:7). Watchman warn the people!

Take the Bible Literally

The Bible is the inerrant Word of God! Many so-called denominations base their theology on their own private interpretations and opinions. Some make outrageous claims like claiming the Church has taken the place of Israel. This is Replacement Theology! It is totally unfounded and simply is not in the Bible! Of course, if you alter the truth by changing God’s word, it’s easier to make it fit your desired beliefs and create your own god, but that’s not a good idea! Bible Prophecy is the most exciting study you’ll ever undertake in your entire lifetime! But, the only way to read the Bible is literally! The text and the context will make clear where and when symbolism is present in the Bible. You cannot interject your own symbolism! We hold the Futurist point of view. We are completely convinced there will be a Biblical Pre-Tribulation Rapture. Don’t waste time with Mid-Trib Post-Trib nonsense! It doesn’t fit with the literal interpretation of God’s word. If they must change the Bible to fit their theology, its not God’s word! What is that old saying? “When the plain sense makes good sense, seek no other sense, lest you end up in nonsense.” God said what He meant, and He meant what He said! Take God at His word and Bible Prophecy will be much clearer. Take the Bible Literally.

Where are we in Bible Prophecy?

Jesus said He would go away, but that He would return again. He said, in the meantime His presence with us would be manifested through the Holy Spirit! Jesus said, “And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe” (John 14:29). Jesus fulfilled numerous Old Testament Prophecies leading up to, during, and after His first coming! And Jesus, as well as the Apostles, spoke of, and explained numerous Prophecies about what to expect leading up to, during, and after His second coming. His first coming was marked at the Triumphal Entry during the 69th week of “Daniel’s 70 weeks”. And so the Church Age began! Paul described the temporary transition this way, “For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in” (Romans 11:25). The fullness of the Gentiles will come in at the Second Coming of Christ! Then Jesus will establish His Millennial Reign! One thousand years with a government that makes sense! And then eternity in Heaven! But before the Millennial Reign, the Tribulation, and before the Tribulation, the Church will be Raptured in the twinkling of an eye to meet Him in the air! (The Rapture is a subject we’ll discuss all on its own!) We’re now in the Age of Grace, but where are we in the Age of Grace? Few people bother to study Bible Prophecy! A Spirit filled mind should desire to eat, sleep, and breathe Bible Prophecy and everything else about Jesus! If the Tribulation is near, then the Rapture is imminent, and Jesus is coming soon! That should excite you! Is the Tribulation near?!

The first coming of Christ

When Jesus was tested by the Pharisees He said, “Ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky and of the earth; but how is it that ye do not discern this time?” (Luke 12:56). We often look at the sky and say, “It looks like rain!” There’s an old saying, “Red sky at morning, sailor take warning! Red sky at night sailors delight!” I believe that’s a paraphrase of Matthew 16:2-3. There the Pharisees wanted Jesus to perform some miraculous sign to prove who He claimed to be. They already had numerous signs given them in the Scriptures, the Old Testament Prophecies. They didn’t need any more proof of the first coming of Christ! They had amazing and miraculous proof! So many signs were available to them. They were supposed to be the Bible Scholars of the day! They should have been shouting from the roof tops, “The Messiah has come!” Their lack of understanding might have been forgivable, but total rejection of Christ is blasphemous. They coveted their position of power refusing to even consider the truth! “He [Jesus] answered and said unto them, when it is evening, ye say, it will be fair weather: for the sky is red. And in the morning, it will be foul weather today: for the sky is red and lowering. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?”

Discern the Time of the Signs

1 Thessalonians 5:4 says, “But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.” The Old and New Testament prophecies are right there in God’s word. And the birth pangs are increasing here and now for all of us to see! Of course we don’t know the day or the hour! Anyone who claims to know the day and the hour is a liar! But we can know the season! Anyone who seriously studies Bible Prophecy knows we’re well into the season! The signs are all around us! The immoral majority is screaming for the Sodom and Gomorrah days of Lot! It will become the norm! Our education, entertainment, and media systems are programming the masses to turn away from God to apostasy! As if the obvious Signs of the Times weren’t enough, world governments are seeking to form the New World Order of the antichrist! The revived Roman Empire is now taking formation aka the European Union! To see this come alive in God’s word, study the books of Daniel and Revelation! Pay close attention to Daniel chapter 9 (Daniel’s 70 Weeks). It’s the key to understanding Bible Prophecy! This is the Time! These are the Signs of the Times.

The Revelation comes with the promise of a Blessing. “Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.” (Revelation 1:3) Why would the Revelation come with a Blessing for those who read, hear, and keep this Prophecy if you weren’t supposed to read hear, and keep it?! Why would the Revelation be referred to as a Prophecy if (as Preterist believe) it is about things that have already happened at the time of its writing?! Study Daniel and the Revelation! Again, reading the Bible literally is the only way to correctly understand and interpret the truth of Bible Prophecy. 2 Peter 1:19-21 says, “We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts: Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.” God said what He meant, and He meant what He said. Don’t change it to fit your scheme of the way you think it should read.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Revelation 6)

So, where are we in Bible Prophecy?

We’re still in the Church age now but, the last and seventieth week of “Daniel’s 70 weeks” is obviously about to resume with the seven-year Tribulation! If so, that would mean the Rapture is imminent! The rebirth of Israel, Ezekiel 36-37, took place in 1948 against all odds! Zechariah 12:3 says, “And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.” Friends, Jerusalem is a burdensome stone in the eyes of the world today, and the Tribulation hasn’t even begun yet!

Russia, Turkey, and Iran are in Syria directly north of Israel! The complete and total destruction of Damascus Syria as described in Isaiah 17 is a major probability. The War of Gog and Magog against Israel (Ezekiel 38-39) is lining up geopolitically as it should according to the Prophecy! Not to be confused with Armageddon, scholars believe the Ezekiel 38-39 War will likely take place at or just after the Rapture. The Rapture is imminent because the Tribulation is near! Jesus is coming soon! Jesus will return to Earth again at the end of the Great Tribulation, to reclaim the Earth and receive His elect Jews! Zechariah 12:10 says, “And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn.” God said it and I believe it!

Let God be True but every man a liar

Paul said, “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17). So, tell anyone who will hear you, to stop listening to the devil, the flesh, and the world. The world has been programming people since the Garden of Eden! In these last days, the world has pushed programming on us under the guise of public education, the fake news media and the so-called entertainment industry. Most people today are under the constant spell of tv screens, computer screens, and so-called smart phones. The minions of hell are constantly using those sources to influence us as to what, when, why, where, and how to think! They have taken control of the minds of our youth! The devil is the current god of this world! So, should we follow the devil, the atheists, and the lunatic ways of this world? “God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, that thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged” (Romans 3:4). “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths” (Proverbs 3:5-6). Study Bible Prophecy! Maranatha! And God Bless! George 💙 

George Hale – Administrator

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    1. Yes it is! When I teach on Bible Prophecy, I begin with an overview from Genesis to Daniel before I get into the verse by verse. Then we visit Isaiah, Ezekiel, Zechariah, anything and everything that has to do with Daniel and the Revelation. Scholars say over 1/3 of he Bible is Prophecy. It seems to me, as you pointed out, the whole Bible is Prophecy in the sense that from Genesis 3:15 it’s leading up to Redemption and the Second Coming of Christ


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