Happy Columbus Day!!!


🤠 ‘Can’t We All Just Get Along’?! The current trend is to hate America. The Left survives on hate. They use any and every group that has an ax to grind or a bone to pick, and they join them together in their globalist agenda to bring down America. They want to bring down America and (they eventually will) bring in the New World Order. The One World Government of the antichrist.

And so, because ‘America is so evil’, they say, several areas have elected to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day. ‘STOP THE NONSENSE!’ Select another day to celebrate indigenous people, or we can all celebrate on the same day! Who cares? We’re all here now! Let’s just get along!

Of course there are skeletons in America’s closet! There are also some skeletons in the closet of the indigenous people! Show me any country or ethnic group that doesn’t have something to be ashamed of at some point in their past! Most, if not all, have far worse things to be ashamed of than America does!

We have nothing at all against indigenous people. What’s in the past happened between their great, great, great, grandfathers and the great, great, great, grandfathers of whoever had ancestors here at the time. We can’t make any situation better by dwelling on the past…

In the meantime…


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