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🤠< This story is not biblically correct in suggesting that Mars is over 3.5 billion years old, but it’s an interesting read that scientists are trying to hypothesize about life on Mars by studying the Dead Sea…
“The Dead Sea is the ideal place to conduct research because it has been largely untouched by human activity that could contaminate DNA samples.” ↓See More↓

“The Dead Sea may provide an answer to whether there is life on Mars. In partnership with the Dead Sea Revival Project, Israel’s new environmental non-profit is bringing awareness to the rapidly receding saltwater lake. NASA has been researching the possibility that biosignatures trapped within salt crystals could also be present on Mars. These biosignatures consist of molecules that could indicate the presence of life in the past.

The hypothesis suggests that 3.5 billion years ago Mars was covered in water. As the surface water gradually disappeared, it trickled into aquifers with extremely high salinities, an environment not unlike that of the Dead Sea – one of the saltiest water bodies on Earth – and may have supported salt-tolerant microorganisms. As the aquifers dried up, salt and other minerals crystallized, potentially trapping biosignatures within them.

This summer, a team of researchers with the Jewish Agency’s Onward Study program in Israel, were conducting research with the Dead Sea Revival Project in this area. We recently had the chance to interview Preston Tasoff, a research associate at Washington University in St. Louis who studies astrobiology, the study of the origins and habitability of life on other planets. He has been working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, researching if life can exist in salts on Mars. Earlier this summer Tasoff took samples from the Dead Sea, while on a motorboat excursion organized by DSRP. Tasoff met Bedein during a speaking tour of American universities organized by Hillel International.” ↓See More↓

Will Dead Sea explorations uncover evidence of life on Mars? – Opinion – Jerusalem Post

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