Change We Can Believe In!!!

I saw a headline this morning that read “Cable Television Is Crumbling”. And I’m ecstatic about that! Prime Time TV has been one of the devil’s most successful tools in programming America! The Educational System and the Entertainment Industry have been used in a way that makes the terms “education” and “entertainment” seem like sick, distorted, and perverted, oxymorons of the Truth! Can you imagine what good could have resulted, if these tools had actually been used for the betterment of mankind?!

I remember when I was growing up, and as I was raising my four children, the cry was “Get A Good Education! You Won’t Get Anywhere Without It!” There’s a lot of truth to that statement, but we were misled into believing that the secular public educational system had our best interest at heart! They deceived us, and persuaded so many of us to seek their so called “education” (indoctrination) and to give them our youth in pursuit of that “knowledge”! And they program people!!!

Years ago, I had reservations about the public Education and Entertainment Institutions in our country, but in those days “Conspiracy Theorists” were thought of as nuts, and so my concerns were only shared with people closest to me. They called me a conspiracy nut too, but they tolerated me better lol. I would say something to the effect that “Everything that comes across that TV screen is trying to lead us in the direction somebody somewhere wants us to go!” There would be a few chuckles and some eye rolling, and that would be it.

I went to a secular college before I went to Liberty University. And I actually did get into disagreements with my college professors by questioning their liberal logic, even before those scenes were depicted in Christian movies. Terms like “Political Correctness” weren’t popular back then. Nevertheless, some students were aware something about the professor’s rhetoric wasn’t kosher. There would be (sneaked) nods of agreement between students. True to the stories, one professor I had actually did assure the class that God does not exist, and that there is no absolute objective Truth! He and I reached such a point of heated disagreement that he called me asinine, and I returned the “compliment”. I’m certain that’s what caused me to get a B in that class lol. Well, apparently, those kinds of situations took place more often than you’d think, but we weren’t aware that they were the norm at the time.

That argument with that professor is what caused me to come up the title to my page, “Watchman for the Truth”. Generations of youth have been programmed to believe there is no Truth! They’ve been programmed instead to believe that every immoral weird sick thing is good, and those who promote God’s Word are the “Haters” for not condoning them. I remember about 35 years ago, I was watching a Christian movie, Christians were being called haters by the antichrist government. I thought, “How could that ever really happen?!” Well, here we are!

So much of what they taught us in school was a lie! The best education you can get is not from a school or college! If you want to know the Truth, it ain’t there! [bad grammar intended] God’s Word is Truth! If understanding the Bible is a problem for you, you’ll need to find a source of help that you can trust! That source will not be found in the secular world! Many so called “Christian” teachers aren’t reliable either. False Prophets [false profits I call them] abound! Romans 10:9 is the starting point. Then ask God to lead you and give you discernment! And then don’t forget to warn anyone who will listen! Share the Gospel!!! Share the Gospel!!! Share the Gospel!!!

Even people who profess to be Christians will argue against God’s Word with Political Correctness as if Political Correctness is scripture! To some people, political correctness and liberal logic IS their “theology”! They have a cult! They have their Saint Greta. They have a god, their father the devil. They have their hope for a utopia/paradise where every vile thing is accepted as normal, and… well, you know the twisted Sodom and Gomorrah world they long for! They will have it for a short time. The Tribulation will come, and their version of Christ (the antichrist) will reign. They’ll get their “Climate Change”, it will change quite a bit in those seven years! But you know God will prevail! We’ll be removed in the Rapture! We’ll return with Christ at His Second Coming, and then He’ll set up His Millennial Kingdom! Now there’s a change we can believe in! Maranatha and God Bless! George 💙

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