(((((Sound The Alarm)))))


Of course it was God’s plan that Trump was elected. Not necessarily to make America great again, but so that certain aspects of Bible Prophecy would move forward. Let’s be realistic, Americans, like Canaanites, have murdered millions of babies since Roe v Wade. America has legalized perversions worthy of hellfire and brimstone! America has turned her back on the Lord God Almighty! I love America! But I love the America we thought we grew up in, not this corrupt Twilight Zone shell of an American delusion that has been exposed in recent years!

If God allowed Trump to be elected, it was for God’s purposes which would imho have to do with His overall plan. Israel is God’s Time Piece. The nation is the hour hand, Jerusalem is the minute hand, and the Temple Mount is the second hand. If God allowed a reprieve, it was to move His plan forward, not to make our spoiled apostate country prosperous again. And since when do we need a particular president to have a revival?! I believe this is more about Israel and the coming Tribulation… but what?

The globalist are feverish now! There is a coup being leveled against Trump in the US, and a similar coup taking place in Israel against Netanyahu. Regardless of the outcome, it is obvious that these men are essentially on their own politically speaking. Both governments are corrupted by the devil’s minions! The majority of the populace is hell bent on globalism! Under the guise of a climate emergency they’ve formed a cult! They even have their own patroness saint, Saint Greta Thunberg! She has been compared to Jesus and Mary no less and has actually been declared a saint by the church of Sweden! Do people actually believe this stuff?! Who knows?! But so many are fanatically caught up in it!

It has been said by numerous politicians in recent years that “A world emergency would unify humanity”. Many have echoed the phrase “Never let a good crisis go to waste!” Vladimir Lenin said, “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.” These tactics and more are used against the naive masses. The youth have been groomed for this day! Like mindless zombies, generations have been programmed and led by the spirit of the false prophet to worship the coming antichrist. The agenda of Globalism is the New World Order of the antichrist and the One World Church of the false prophet!

If you are awake and aware, and you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, you are drafted by default as a Watchman (Ezekiel 33). Regardless of what takes place in politics and religion, regardless of whether the majority stands with God or falls away, your purpose for existing Watchman/woman is to stand with God, sound the alarm, and warn the people!!! God Bless you and Maranatha!!! George 💙

4 thoughts on “(((((Sound The Alarm)))))

  1. Excellent Brother George. One of the greatest truths I have read of late. So many will deny it, call it conspiresy theory. Say it is completely bizarre and pushed by lunatics. But the truth bares one saving point of view. Who is to profit if the Watchmen are correct? No one. Those of us that are born again have already recieved our due. We are just waiting. If there is no profit, no earthly personal gain, then why is the world so afraid of the truth? Frightened enough to ban our words. Scared enough to slander and create lies to discredit us. Why, why, why? Because the Good News of Jesus Christ is not about them. It cannot be altered. I cannot be manipulated for personal gain. It is the most powerful force on earth, and the most feared of any power. God bless all the believers of Gods Holy Word.


    1. Amen brother Donald! And the majority of people today have a problem with anyone or anything that tells them what to do. They think being a Christian will be like a prison. They think that’s what being a Christian is all about. What they don’t realize is that Jesus sets us free! Other’s are turned off by the false prophets of this world (I call them false profits). When people haven’t experienced the real Jesus! They lump all Christianity into the same category. They think we’re all false. False ‘Profits’ have deceived a lot of people. They also make it difficult for well meaning Christians to raise funds for what could be a good Christian cause like your efforts to help the homeless. The devil surly must love that.
      I like what you said about the good news! The main focus of any true ministry should be the Good News of Jesus Christ! The final reward is beyond human comprehension! There are numerous ways to convey the Good News . We all have God given talents of some kind. I hope to do whatever I can do to the glory of God. We can’t make up for the time we wasted in our youth, but we can make the best of the time we have left. Nevertheless, to live is Christ and to die is gain. Thanks for responding Brother Ramsey. I hope you subscribed here just in case fb completely looses their flippin mind lol


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