COUNTDOWN TO DOOM: 🤠 “Deconstructing climate hysteria”…

“ As the world’s youth quake in fear of a collapsing planet, we offer a sane scientific perspective.” ↓Read More↓

“The true and lasting damage the adult climate extremists have wrought is to rob impressionable American youth of the invaluable gifts of childhood, innocence, and hope. Stop for a moment and consider how miserable your own life would be if you were raised among parents – not to mention indoctrinating teachers, shameless politicians, and a recklessly irresponsible media – shouting that the end of the world is nigh. And then you were told that the only solution is to tear apart our entire infrastructure and command the destruction of the fossil fuel economy that built and sustained the nation.

Extreme as that seems, another thing is equally true. These young climate justice warriors (most of whom are tied directly into the broader social justice movement), not to mention millennials and Generation Z writ large, truly believe most or all of this.”

↓Read More↓» https://www.libertynation.com/countdown-to-doom-deconstructing-climate-hysteria-part-1/

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