🕆 The Times of the Signs 🕆

THESE ARE THE TIMES OF THE SIGNS! » What’s coming upon the Earth is horrific, and millions will die (by choice) because they love the flesh and the world. They’ve accepted and even embraced Satan’s lies! It is dismal, when we consider the horrible tragedies of the Tribulation people will suffer because they love evil. “But God” has provided a way back to Him! For those (all of those) who accept His free gift of salvation, these are exiting times!!! We see (discern) that we are now living during the signs of His Second Coming (Bible Times!) and so we know the Rapture must be that much more imminent! Jesus is coming again soon!!! ↓Read More↓

When I talk to friends about the end times, I have personal friends who have often said, “Why do we need to talk about all that doom and gloom stuff?!” And they’re understandably confused as to why I’m so excited about it! But the Signs of the Times are only doom and gloom when people won’t try to understand and accept what’s really happening! As Jesus gave His life for us, Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy reached and fulfilled the 69th week, and Prophecies concerning Israel were paused. [Daniel’s 70 weeks is an amazing study all in itself!] That point in time (the Gospel) began the Age of Grace (the Church Age). In this present Age of Grace, ANYONE can receive God’s free gift of Salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ!

What’s happening around us is the continuing and increasing resistance to God’s will for mankind. Yes, there’s tragedy and sadness all around us, if not in our own lives. But through it all, we have the blessed Hope in Jesus Christ! As we approach the Tribulation, we know the Rapture must be imminent! The dead in Christ will rise and meet Him in the air! And those who are still here will be Raptured. Those who still remain will be quickly changed! (see 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 and Revelation 3:10 to name some relevant Bible verses). At Revelation 4:1 John’s vision represents the Rapture of the Church. The Church is not mentioned again till Revelation 19 when the Tribulation is over. The Tribulation begins at Revelation chapter 6 and extends to Revelation 19. The 7 years of Tribulation aka The Time of Jacob’s Trouble, IS the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy, chapter 9, particularly 9:24-27. When the Tribulation begins, Daniel’s 70 weeks resumes with the 70th week. Romans chapter 11 is helpful in explaining the whys concerning Israel (as a whole) being blinded to the Gospel for a time. Israel is God’s Time Piece. The Nation is the Hour Hand, Jerusalem is the Minute Hand, and the Temple Mount is the Second Hand.

In recent years, we’ve witnessed amazing prophetic events unfolding before our eyes! Ezekiel 36-39 is an amazing read! Pay special attention to the Dry Bones Prophecy (Ezekiel 37)! Over the last 2000 years, many of those who professed to study the Bible, have determined that they could not take the Bible literally. They determined that the rebirth of Israel was not going to take place literally and so, they decided that they could no longer believe in the literal rebirth of Israel. The Jews were pretty much dispersed to the four winds at the Diaspora (70 AD) when Jerusalem was ransacked, and by the 20thcentury Israel was a barren wasteland! Through the centuries, this gave rise to all kinds of theological theories! The worst of which was Replacement Theology! Many decided that wherever the word Israel was mentioned in the New Testament, it must be referring to the Church. The Jews, they decided, must no longer be relevant. Literal Israel must be done, the Church is now Israel they concluded. But they concluded wrong! Replacement Theology could not be further from the Truth!

Low and behold, May 14, 1948 Israel was reborn exactly according to Ezekiel’s Prophecies. Not only was Israel reborn, it flourished exactly according to Ezekiel’s Prophecies. Jerusalem has become a burdensome stone as Zachariah Prophesied. (Zechariah 12). The geopolitical turn of events in Syria has positioned Russia, Turkey, and Iran exactly as Ezekiel 38-39 lays it out. Actually, it has come about in a far more strategic way than anyone could have imagined in recent years! This and many other prophetic events are lining up in a way that anyone who seriously studies scripture would have to conclude that these are the Times of the Signs!!! 🕇 🕆 🕇

These are the Times of the Signs! Maranatha!!! George 💙

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